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Jun-20-2024 09:55:33 AM
TureProfit is now open for investing.
We are pleased to offer you one detailed tariff plan that are ideally suited for each group of investors who want to make the most profitable investments. All depositors' funds are added to the general operating fund, which is diversified in order to minimize risks, due to which the client receives his/her guaranteed profit in accordance with the selected terms. In addition, the site presents a profitable affiliate program, participation in which is possible, even if you don't have your own deposit. By building a referral structure, you can provide yourself with an additional source of income. Moreover, active partners, apart from the traditional commissions, can get bonuses and additional cooperation privileges. more

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Terms of Service

Accessing this website you agree to be legally bound by the following Terms of Service (disclaimer) ("Terms of Service"). Find out more relevant additional legal information regarding your country. In case you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not go to other pages of TureProfit website. These Terms of Service, data and materials of the TureProfit website are subject to alteration from time to time without any prior notice.


1. TureProfit provides services according to the Terms of Service below. A Client may be notified by email or by the internal messaging system. We retain the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. It is required that you review the terms and conditions regularly. You agree to comply with the following Terms of Service by opening a TureProfit investment account.

2. The Client must be of legal age in their respective country to open an account at the Company, anyway the Client's minimal age shall be 18 years.

3. The Client shall provide their actual, accurate and full data, information about their organization and its users.

4. Unless otherwise provided, you will be fully liable for any decisions made as to whether any investment, security or strategy, or any other product or service, is beneficial for you, basing on your investment aims, personal situation and financial position. Your investment is made at your own risk and you acknowledge that past performance cannot provide any guarantee for the same results in the future. You acknowledge that all data, communications and materials you find on the website in question are of the informational and educational nature and not an investment, accounting, tax or other legal advice.

5. Our priority is to protect privacy and security of your personal information. Therefore, a set of rules and practices aimed at securing your information was introduced. Nevertheless, the Client shall be liable for keeping the confidentiality of their password and member account, and shall be solely responsible for all the activities that are carried out under this password or account. The Client agrees to (a) promptly inform TureProfit or its representatives of any unauthorized use of the its password or account or any other breach of security, and (b) make sure he or she logs out from the account at the end of each session. TureProfit and its representatives will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage related to the Client's failure to follow the provisions of this Section 5.

6. Any communications between you and our company by e-mail or chat rooms will be recorded by us in order to keep your contact information and use it for the respective reply. We are entitled to use the above information and contact you with our advertising and marketing materials, regular newsletters, and other data we consider to be interesting for you. Whenever, you opt to stop receiving these e-mails from us, you may just follow the unsubscribe instructions given in each e-mail sent.

7. The Client confirms that he or she will not use our service for any illegal purposes or in any way that does not comply with the terms and conditions of this service. The Client acknowledges that any correspondence between him or her and TureProfit is private and may not be disclosed to any third person.

8. The Client shall not abuse our service and use it for an illegal purpose or in the way that contradicts the terms and conditions of the service. The Client acknowledges that communication between him or her and TureProfit is private and cannot be disclosed in any way.

9. The Client confirms and agrees that any and all materials, including but not limited to notices, original or creative promotional materials, ideas, suggestions, quizzes, comments, programs and any other information, submitted by you via e-mail or otherwise to TureProfit, or postings on this Web site, are non-confidential and are of the sole property of TureProfit. TureProfit owns exclusive rights, including all intellectual property rights, and may unlimitedly use such materials for any purpose, either commercial or otherwise, without a prior notice or indemnification for you.


10. The Client is entitled to open only one multi e-currency account. However, he or she may establish a non-restricted number of investment.

11. The Client can replenish his or her account by using one or several types of electronic money. Only one e-currency may be invested per investment plan, i.e. no e-currencies can be combined to open a new investment plan. your decision to open an account at TureProfit means that you promise to strictly follow security measures without any exceptions.

12. You must have an updated firewall and anti-virus software on your PC at all times.

13. It is not recommended to open e-mails with attached files or links in case you do not personally know the sender and are expecting for this e-mail.

14. Avoid answering e-mails that are alleged to have come from us requesting to provide your TureProfit account details for any reason. Remember that we DO NOT EVER and WILL NEVER send out this kind of e-mails.

15. Never visit insecure sites in the Internet unless you have made sure that this website is safe.

16. Do not use the same passwords for different accounts.

17. We will send an automatic e-mail to confirm nearly every account transaction of yours. You should always carefully read these automated emails. Provided you have found a discrepancy, contact us with no delay.


18. The Client declares and guarantees that as at the time of agreeing to and accepting this Agreement or any other contracts or transactions with TureProfit he or she is:
a) if a physical person: age 18 and over, of sound mind and fully legally capable;
b) if a legal entity:
1) the Client has been duly registered and capable according to the applicable law;
2) The Client shall duly authorize the person who on behalf of the Client signs and fulfills this Agreement and any other operations and obligations under this document.

19. Admitting these Terms of Service, the Client acknowledges that the services provided by TureProfit do not in any way contradict his or her local law.

20. The Client shall not disclose his or her information regarding the account access.

21. The Client shall individually observe and analyze the transactions carried out through his or her account and notify TureProfit of any cases of unauthorized access or of any found discrepancies.

Force Majeure and Copyright

22. TureProfit shall not be discharged from liability to the Client for any delay in transactions caused by any reasons that are out of its control, or due to any unauthorized operation with the Client's account. TureProfit cannot control the speed and quality of signal, data communication and receipt via the Internet, it cannot control Client's computer configuration, quality and safety of its connection; thus, TureProfit shall not be held liable for any failure, distortion or a delay in transmitting data.

23. TureProfit shall not be liable for any default under this Agreement that may arise from the action of force majeure circumstances, including but not limited to floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, newly adopted national regulations that prohibit the activity hereunder, military operations, wars, riots, strikes, any technical failures in communications, breach of Copyright etc. 24. TureProfit solely owns all intellectual property and rights, and all the information contained in this website.

25. This website is copyright protected and all of the rights are reserved. The contents of our website are designed to be used by our visitors only.

26. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, republication, transmission, performance or display of the contents of this website is not allowed unless an express respective prior written consent was received from TureProfit.

Investment Terms

27. The term of all deposits is 50 days. The refund of the initial amount AFTER the expiry of 50 days shall be possible.

28. Minimum amount of any deposit is 10 USD.

29. All further replenishments, make an additional deposit to account will be handled separately.

30. Daily interest rate shall be fixed by 3%, 5%, 8%.

31. Interests accrual is carried out daily.

32. It is acceptable to open only one account in our system. The number of deposits inside this account is unlimited.

33. The system includes a 10-level referral program.

34 We pay 5% from each deposit of the referral of the 1st level, 2% from each referral of the 2nd level, 1% from each referral of the 3rd level, 1% from each referral of the 4th level, 0.5% from each referral of the 5th level, 0.5% from each referral of the 6th level, 0.5% from each referral of the 7th level, 0.5% from each referral of the 8th level , 0.5% from each referral of the 9th level, 0.5% from each referral of the 10th level.

35. Funds are usually sent to your e-currency account within 24 hours.

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